ABA Intervention 

and On-Going Services

for Children who have Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

to discuss services for your child

Intake and Assessment Requirements:

Intake and Assessment Appointments are required prior to the start of your services.

  • Initial Intake and Intro Assessment= 1 hour visit

  • At least one additional 2 hour assessment visit required.

  • Up to 3 or more 2 hour assessment visits may be needed to fully assess child prior to clinic depending on skill/behavioral levels

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is "ABA"?

"ABA is short for ‘Applied Behavior Analysis’,...

the science of observing, evaluating, and changing human behavior through arranging the environment and circumstances to bring about desired skills/behaviors and to decrease socially significant problem or ‘maladaptive’ behaviors.”


“ABA is a highly effective intervention to help children who have not met Developmental Milestones in a timely manner to get back on track, and acquire the foundation skills in vocalization, communication, problem solving, participation, and social interaction that are needed to develop higher level skills and function more independently in life." 

What is an "ABA Clinic"?

It is a chance for a family to try out Intensive ABA Intervention for a limited period of time in order to see how it will fit the needs of their child and their family.


Research in the field of Autism indicates the most effective intervention is “Intensive ABA Intervention”, and it is often prescribed by doctors for 25-40 hours per week as per indicated in the published research (see National Autism Standards Report). 


However, initially, that amount of time commitment per week may be daunting to parents, or that amount of intensive therapy may be overwhelming for a child who has not experienced this type of intensive treatment before.  Additionally, a 25-40 hour per week Intensive ABA Intervention treatment plan may limit the child’s access to other needed interventions such as speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, specialized preschool, and inclusion in a typical preschool setting.  We have seen new skill acquisition take place in shorter amounts of therapy time, and are offering these shorter 15 hour per week, 6-week & 8-week sessions as a more practical introduction to Intensive ABA Intervention for the child and the family. 

Where will services for my child take place?

In our outpatient offices at

1630 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA

We also provide in-home and in-daycare/in-school services for our clients, however, in order to experience the full effect of what Intensive ABA Intervention can do for your child, we find that starting services in our office helps to more effectively shape the initial behaviors that we are seeking to bring about. 


The reason for this is that it is an environment which we can control and manipulate which is increasingly more difficult to do in a clients home or school. 

For on-going ABA services, our credentialed professionals would develop a plan with you that would include where and when services would best be provided to suit the therapeutic needs of the child, and the practical needs of the family.

How are services covered financially?

Private Health Insurance Coverage (with a diagnosis of Autism) or private pay. We do not accept M.A. at this time.

In the state of Pennsylvania, private health insurance companies are required to provide ABA coverage to members' children who have been diagnosed with Autism (please note: there are exceptions based on coverage).  We are currently credentialed with multiple private health insurance companies, and are willing to apply for an out-of-network contract if necessary.


Our clients are our first priority and we continue to enter the necessary credentialing process with other private health insurance providers to better serve the community with ABA Services.


We do not currently accept M.A. [Medical Assistance] or any of the M.A. Managed Care Providers but please contact us with your individualized plan to ensure this for your particular plan.


We do accept private pay clients, and are willing to work with families in regards to privately funding their services without aid of health insurance and other funding sources that they may have.

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