Parent Resources

At Swank ESD we want to help parents stay informed and be the very best advocates for their children.

We hope you will access these links to help better understand whether or not your child may be experiencing developmental delays.

If you currently have concerns, you are not alone. We are here to help. Call 717-945-6491

Health Insurance


For Autism

Learn more about Health Insurance coverage for ABA Therapy


Standards Report

Read more about the NAC standards report guiding parents, caregivers, educators, and service providers.



Read and Learn more about the CDC guidelines for

Developmental Milestones.

Myths and Facts of ABA

Learn more about the science of ABA therapy that we provide at Swank Early Skills Development.


Early Signs

Learn the early signs of Autism as provided by the National Autism Center (NAC)

The Process of ABA

What does ABA Therapy look like? Learn more in-depth knowledge of the science of Applied Behavior Analysis.


10 Signs

Learn 10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Childhood Apraxia of Speech.