Center- BasedABA


June 14-Aug 20

for Children and Youth who have Autism Disorders

* If Center-based services are not indicated as a need for your child, Swank ESD will work with you to develop a service plan that follows your child's assessed needs


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Summer Center-Based* ABA Services: 

This program allows your child the opportunity to enroll in ABA services for the Summer 10 week session and the potential to continue on-going services with Swank ESD providers . These are One on One Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services provided within a Group Setting so that group and social skills can be addressed as part of treatment.

Please note this is not a Summer camp. It is therapeutic intervention as regulated by the state's IBHS system. These services are not considered a Summer Therapeutic Activities Program (STAP).

Who should enroll:

These ABA services are for children and youth up to 18 years of age who have an official diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and show need for one on one support from a BHT-ABA for Behavior Analytic Services. 

Available Times:

Sessions will be held within a 8:30 - 4:30 pm day Mondays through Fridays.

Partial Morning or Afternoon, and Full Day slots available based on individually assessed client needs.

Enrollment deadline:

Clients must enroll by April 30th.

ABA Assessments/Treatment Plan Meetings:

Client Assessments & Treatment Plan Meetings will be completed in May. IBHS Initial Assessment is required for enrollment. Client and parent must be available for two 2- hour sessions in person sessions in order to complete this required assessment plus a follow up individual treatment plan meeting at our Lancaster Center all within the month of May.


We can accept select Private Health insurance coverage. Benefit verification is needed prior to enrollment. MA coverage and private pay is not accepted at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is "ABA"?

"ABA is the abbreviation for ‘Applied Behavior Analysis’,...

the science of observing, evaluating, and changing human behavior through arranging the environment and circumstances to bring about desired skills/behaviors and to decrease socially significant problem or ‘maladaptive’ behaviors.”


“ABA is a highly effective intervention to help children who have not met Developmental Milestones in a timely manner to get back on track, and acquire the foundation skills in vocalization, communication, problem solving, participation, and social interaction that are needed to develop higher level skills and function more independently in life." 

Why choose "Center-Based ABA Services" this Summer?

It is a chance for a family to begin enrolling in ABA Intervention Services for a limited period of time in order to see how it will fit the needs of their child and their family.


Research in the field of Autism indicates the most effective intervention is “Intensive ABA Intervention”, and it is often prescribed by doctors for 25-40 hours per week as per indicated in the published research (see National Autism Standards Report). 


However, a 25-40 hours per week time commitment to intensive therapy may be daunting or overwhelming to some parents when considering their child who has not experienced this type of treatment before.  An Intensive ABA Intervention treatment plan of 25 hours or more may end up limiting a child’s access to other needed interventions such as speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, specialized preschool, or inclusion in a typical preschool setting. 


A client's path to new skill acquisition can begin in a 9-10 week ABA session, and Swank ESD is offering these Summer sessions as a more accessible introduction to Intensive ABA Intervention for the child and the family. 

Where will sessions take place for my child?

At our Lancaster Center located at:

1630 Manheim Pike SUITE 2

Lancaster, PA 17601

Our center setting is specifically designed for ABA services and offers many wonderful resources for children. In order to experience the full effect of what ABA Sessions can do for your child, we find that starting services in our office helps to more effectively shape the initial behaviors that we are seeking to bring about. 


If continuing with on-going services, intervention could be provided in our center, in-home or in-daycare/in-school settings for our clients.

At that time our BCBA and PA-BSL professionals will develop a plan to include where and when services will be provided in order to best suit the therapeutic needs of the child, and the practical needs of the family.


Contact our Client Services Coordinator to enroll now: 

Call 717-740-6161  

Email dgauldin@swankesd.com.