Our Team

Direct Intervention Team

The team of staff who provide the most intensive services to our clients are our Direct Intervention Team. This team is comprised of four levels of staff, each with slightly higher amounts of training and experience. These include our entry-level staff, Behavioral Health Technicians – ABA (BHT-ABA), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT), ABA Interns, and ABA Apprentices.

All levels of Direct Intervention Staff are well trained and intensely supported by assigned supervisors who are certified/licensed masters-level clinicians and provide ongoing support to their supervises. RBTs are those staff who study and sit for an exam to obtain an entry-level professional certification in ABA, and must renew this certification yearly.

ABA Interns are our staff who are actively pursuing their master’s degree in ABA, and are in the first half of their programs. As our ABA Interns make their way through their master’s degree program, they transition to the role of ABA Apprentice and receive more ‘BCBA – like’ experiences as they continue to serve clients directly and provide clinical assistance to our master’s level clinicians.

Master's Level Clinicians

Our Masters Level Clinicians have advanced degrees in either Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Psychology, Education, or a related field in which the degree includes a large quantity of specific coursework in the study of the science of ABA. These skilled clinicians have been professionally supervised working in the field with clients for a minimum of 1500 to 2000 hours, dependent upon when they advanced through their master’s degree program (the supervision hour requirements were recently increased). Master’s Level Clinicians often hold a nationally and internationally recognized professional certification to practice as a masters level clinician in the ABA field, referred to as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification. These professionals also hold a medical license in the state of Pennsylvania referred to as a Behavior Specialist License.

  • Katelyn Cannon

    Katelyn Cannon, BCBA, LBS Behavior Analyst - ABA Fieldwork Supervision Lead Provider of Behavior Analytic Services

  • Kyle Lively, LBS Behavior Consultant -ABA

  • Heather Laudenslager, BCBA, ABA Services, Behavior Analyst

    Heather Laudenslager, BCBA, LBS Behavior Analyst - Center Lead Provider of Behavior Analytic Services

Clinical Support Team

  • Shannon Hill, RBT Training Coordinator

Clinical Management and Directorship Team

  • Ryan Miller, MBA

    Ryan Miller, M.B.A. Clinical Operations Manager IBHS Administratve Director Compliance Officer

  • Blake Gomez, Operations Manager, ABA Services, Client Support

    Blake Gomez, M.S. Assistant Clinical Operations Manager Client Services

Operations Support Team

  • Meghan Lunger

    Meghan Lunger Administrative Assistant - Operations Student Services Coordinator (SSC)

  • Danielle Shockley Billing Specialist

Business Management Team

  • Cynthia Swank

    Cynthia Swank, BCBA, LBS President & CEO (owner)

  • Abby Swank

    Abby Swank Business Director

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