Home-Based Services for Children 8 yrs old and Younger

Home-based services allow the clinicians to teach skills specifically needed in that environment and provide opportunities for family training & support. This allows family members and other natural caregivers to develop skills on how to support their child in the skills that they are learning through Intensive ABA Intervention.  Having all of the natural caregivers providing the same response and treatment is important for effective treatment.

Ideally, all clients will receive Home-Based Services in combination with their other services so that skills deficits and problem behaviors unique to this setting, the environment in which they spend the most time, can be discovered and treated.  Additionally, this gives the clinicians an opportunity to teach the child how to use the same skills across the different environments in their life and generalize those skills.  Teaching skills in only one environment can often limit those skills to just that environment, until a child can be taught to generalize.

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