Family Training and Support

Intensive ABA Intervention requires participation from each child’s natural support system so that it is not only shaped and reinforced in the location of the services by the clinicians, but so the child also receives support and natural reinforcement for desired behaviors across all environments.

Creating the Family Training and Support Plan

Behavior Analysts at SESD assess the needs of the family in order to develop a training and support plan as part of their child’s treatment. Most insurance companies now require that there is a treatment/training goal for the family incorporated into the treatment plan for the child, and some have minimum monthly requirements on the training time that must be provided.

Family Training and Support Opportunities

SESD is developing further supports for our clients’ families and the greater community that include opportunities for fun family events at our center in Lancaster and at family-oriented community partners, drop-off respite events to give parents a break, playgroup pairings for parents to get to know each other while their kids play, group family trainings, and family support groups. Please watch our website and social media for upcoming events.

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