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* Swank ESD will assess each child and work with the family to develop a treatment plan that follows the child's assessed needs.  A particular place of service may not be indicated as a medical necessity or in the best interest of the child. Center services are limited to ages 2-6 years.





Swank Early Skills Development is a licensed Intensive Behavioral Health Service (IBHS) Provider of

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) intervention serving Central Pennsylvania. 

Swank Early Skills Development has been a provider of quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children with Autism and Developmental Delays in Central, PA since 2013.  As a behavioral health provider we consistently strive to serve more children in need of these valuable services and fulfill our vision of ensuring "all children in our communities meet Early Childhood Developmental Milestones."


Our trained and educated staff understand that when either parents and guardians begin noticing delays in their child's development or have been given a medical diagnosis and been receiving treatment for their child for some time they need to be met by professionals who care about them and their child and are seeking the best outcomes for their care. Our professional team consistently provides this high quality care and is committed to making a difference in the lives of children and their families.

We Are a locally owned ABA practice committed to serving the developmental and behavioral needs of children and youth in our community through effective, research-based intervention.


Our Team is compassionate and uses a positive, solutions-based approach that is individualized for each client and client family in order to bring about significant and functional change in their lives.


We Specialize in serving children who have Autism, Apraxia, communication delays, intellectual disabilities or behaviors of concern.


We Support families who observe their infants, toddlers, or pre-school aged children struggling to reach Developmental Milestones on projected timelines.  

Parent Skills Development

and Behavior



At Swank Early Skills Development we want to help parents stay informed and be the very best advocates for their children.

If you currently have concerns about your child's development, you are not alone. We are here to help.

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