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About Us

We are

Swank Early Skills


Our Founder, Cynthia Swank, was inspired by the effectiveness of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) intervention she was taught and used with her students back in 1996 as a public Special Education Teacher.


Throughout twenty years of service in the public education system, she observed over and over that ABA-based interventions yielded the most significant, positive changes in the students she served.  Later in this career, Ms. Swank became inspired and determined to use this set of effective intervention tools to help as many children and families in our Central PA community as humanly possible.


Using this long and deep history of education, training, and experience with ABA, our founder started to develop a team of ABA professionals in March of 2015 in order to help her more fully serve the community. 


This compassionate team of individuals shares the knowledge that a child’s early development is critical to their future education and independence in life.  They also share the experience and observation that the underlying cause of problem behaviors in young children and children who have been diagnosed with Autism, Communications Delays, or Intellectual Disabilities is the lack of ability to effectively communicate their wants and needs.


We improve lives by shaping Communication, Learning, and Independence through effective, individualized ABA strategies.



To ensure that all children in our communities meet Early Childhood Developmental Milestones and to advance students' independence throughout their education and life.

Core Values

Effective Communication

We prioritize the development of communication skills.

Positive Approach

We focus on motivating and reinforcing skills development, while recognizing that undesired behaviors are linked to a skills deficit.

Compassionate, Team Approach

We work as a team to meet children, families, and other professionals with compassion so that we can focus on our shared objectives.

Life Long Learners

We promote ongoing curiosity, learning, and growth.

Quality Services

We commit to implement, develop, and share evidence-based behavior analytic practices.