Client Services

Services We Provide:

  • Intensive ABA Therapy

  • Developmental Milestones Screenings

  • Behavioral Screenings

  • Full Developmental Milestones

       and Behavioral Assessments

  • Treatment Plan and IEP development

  • Treatment Plan and IEP


  • Consultation to families and

       professional/school teams

  • Parent and Professional Trainings

  • Children 18 months to 4 years who are not reaching expected Developmental Milestones and have not yet had a developmental screening or assessment

  • Children 18 months to 6 years of age who are exhibiting atypical amounts of problem behavior or whose parents would like support in dealing with behaviors

  • Children 18 months to 6 years of age who have been diagnosed with: Autism, Speech Apraxia, Other Communication Delays, Cognitive Delays, and/or multiple disabilities.

  • School-Aged children for whom parents are seeking supplemental intervention services to be provided outside of the child’s school day.

  • School-Aged children for whom public or private schools are seeking ABA as a Related Provider service to be provided within the school day.

Children We Serve

How to Access our Services:

1. Contact us to schedule a pre-Intake Interview to make sure our services are right for you & your child (about 15 minutes by phone). 

2. Fill out Intake forms & gather any documents we request such as a report from the diagnosing doctor, evaluation reports done by other professionals, etc.

3. Mail or fax the paperwork to our office (to secure your privacy, we do not ask for email transmissions at this time).

4. When we receive your paperwork, we will call you to schedule an Intake Appointment.  For clients whose services will be funded through Private Health Insurance, authorization will be obtained prior to scheduling the

Intake Appointment.


5. At the Intake Appointment, we will

  •  Determine family concerns/child’s areas of need to be assessed

  • Gather initial data for the assessment/s

  • Determine approximately how many assessment sessions will be needed, and when to conduct them.

6. We will conduct the assessment and develop recommendations or a treatment plan (dependent on the extent of services that you are requesting)

7. We will meet to discuss the recommendations or treatment plan, and develop a plan for the next step.

Hours of Intervention Services:  

9am to 5pm Monday through Friday

Intervention Services are delivered between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Adjustments to these hours are considered on a case by case basis, dependent upon staff availability.

In order to maximize staff availability for provision of services to all of our clients, we request that families schedule sessions in such a way that each client is seen during the same time frame (ie: 9am – 12 noon or 2 – 4pm) each day of the week that they receive services. 

Thank you for your cooperation and flexibility in scheduling sessions.

Service Calendar and Scheduling

Swank Early Skills Development (SESD) provides services to young children who have not yet started school, and those who are already attending school.  In order to provide consistent services throughout the year to all of our clients, and to give our employees opportunities for holidays and vacations, SESD operates on a basic year-round school calendar.  This includes closure of our practice on traditional, yearly holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Presidents’ Day, to name just a few, and includes approximately a week off over the winter holidays. Our year-round school calendar also provides the option for employees to take additional vacation time during set weeks in June and August.  We encourage our on-going client families to consider scheduling their family vacation during these scheduled breaks.


Swank Early Skills Development

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Hours of Intervention Service:

9am to 5pm - Monday through Friday

Office Hours are by appointment only.

Please call our office at the number provided.

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