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You have just taken the first step in getting effective intervention for your child and support for your family.


Thank You!!

for trusting Swank Early Skills Development with your child’s and family’s needs.

We are sincerely honored to be at your service.


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Danielle Gauldin, our Assistant Operations Manager in charge of Client Service Coordination, will call you at the number you provided within the next two business days.  She will talk you through our Intake Process and then schedule you for an in-person Intake Meeting.


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A Special ThanksCynthia Swank

Hello – my name is Cynthia Swank and I am the Founder of Swank Early Skills Development (SESD).  I want to thank you for your interest in receiving services for your child and support for your family from my amazing team here at SESD.  We know that this may be a difficult time for you and your family due to having a child who has either just been identified as being behind on meeting Developmental Milestones or who has been identified with a specific diagnosis such as Autism, Apraxia, Communication Disorder, developmental or cognitive delays.  I want you to know that you will be met with compassion by our positive and encouraging professionals who are passionate about serving others.  From our front line clinicians to our back office staff, the folks who work at SESD are here because they are dedicated to using their personal gifts and skills to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

I look forward to meeting you and witnessing your journey with us as we work together to help your child become more communicative, independent, and the best version of themselves.

Thank you for trusting us with this very important responsibility.



Cynthia Swank

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